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music on hold equipment online - On-hold music equipment are easily customized to meet any specific need, and digital downloading of custom audio is extremely fast. Message Mates are reusable and always retain their superior audio quality.
music on hold equipment - Message Mates Cards can be custom-programmed with your own audio ( Message / Music ). : Message Mates memory cards are avaialable in both BLANK and Pre-programmed with well-crafted general "Thank you for holding"
on hold messaging systems - Use for single message applications, or Music On-hold telephone applications. Message is loaded into the SoundBricks digital memory automatically from your pre-recorded cassette.
on hold music players - Messages are faded into the background music and play at a programmable time interval. Messages are downloaded automatically from an offsite PC controller, so you don't have to be bothered putting a new tape, card or CD in the unit every month.
on hold music - The SoundBrick 550 is is a digital audio recording and playback device.Use for single message applications, or Music On-hold telephone applications.

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In January 1997, 62 subjects who had been the placebos in the 1995 study were invited to receive the vitamin B12. In June 1997, the 62 placebo subjects were sent a questionnaire asking: How would old fashioned exercise equipment you compare your overall allergy (hay fever) symptoms this spring to the style last two springs? 20 people responded, with 15 reporting having had the b12 treatment, and 5 not. 12 of the 15 gym reported at least a slight improvement in overall allergy symptoms, equipment and 1 of the 5. improvement ratios - 12:3 having received treatment, 1:4 not having received treatment.8 a bioequivalence study showed that a 3000 mcg lozenge delivered an equivalent amount of cyanocobalamin to the blood as a 15 mcg injection.9 from the spring to the summer patients with demonstrated allergic rhinitis received with the cyanocobalamin (or placebo) containing lozenge twice daily for 21 consecutive days. all subjects also received c and b oral multivitamins for 21 days. twice daily subjects maintained a nine-week diary on sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, itchy nose and antihistamine (chlorpheniramine) use. in the post-treatment period, the active group (n=15) recorded on average a greater reduction in symptoms and old fashioned exercise equipment in antihistamine style use than the placebo group (n=9). the results yielded reductions (0.1>p>0.01) in total weekly symptom/rescue medication for the active group compared to the placebo for weeks 2, 6, 8 and 9. the results tend to replicate those of gym the studies on injectable cyanocobalamin.10

antihistamines as the name indicates, an antihistamine counters the effects of histamine, which is released by the mast cells in the body''s tissues and contributes to allergy symptoms. for many years, antihistamines have proven useful in relieving equipment sneezing and itching in the nose, throat, and eyes and in reducing nasal swelling and drainage. many people who take antihistamines old experience some distressing side effects: drowsiness and loss of alertness and coordination. in children, such reactions can be misinterpreted as behavior problems. during the last few years, however, antihistamines that cause fewer of these side effects have become available by prescription. these new nonsedating antihistamines are as effective style as other antihistamines in gym preventing histamine-induced equipment symptoms, but do so without causing sleepiness.

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